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The 19 big calls on the whole society innovation, entrepreneurship, China is moving from a manufacturing power towards a manufacturing powerhouse, in such a background, shaanxi have metal technology co., LTD was born. Company founded is to build a platform, let the staff on the platform innovation, entrepreneurship, create, and for the national and global customers to provide products and services, our purpose is to let customers get the most satisfactory products and services, customer satisfaction is our greatest honor.

As a new production, research and development, sales in the integration of science and technology enterprises, the company will always put the science and technology innovation, quality control, as a top priority in the development of enterprises, adhere to innovation, service, science and technology, and win-win concept of enterprise development, brand new, high grade, high quality end products to meet the needs of the development industry users.

Our main products are rare metal materials and its intermediate alloy, tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, niobium, zirconium and titanium and hafnium rare metal materials, and key development among research is widely used in steel smelting non-ferrous metal alloy, for the industry users with high purity, high grade products.

At present, the company developed the main products are: success

High purity, low melting molybdenum iron

High purity, low melting point tungsten iron

High purity, vanadium iron

High purity eutectic, nickel molybdenum alloy in the middle

High purity, low melting point nickel-tungsten alloy in the middle

Our company in the middle of the alloy products are mainly used in high-end products in the middle of the steel alloy addition, guarantee the chemical composition of high purity, and at the same time guarantee the difficult segregation, uniform composition, and ultimately improve the quality of steel, nickel and molybdenum, nickel and tungsten alloy are widely used in the hartz nickel-based alloy corrosion resistant alloy production, such as to play a role in promoting the quality of our nickel material.

Above is the company's past research and preliminary results of new products, we sincerely look forward to in the field of these products can cooperate with you hand in hand, and win-win development, your success is our highest honor, we will always be with you all the way forward hand in hand, create a bright tomorrow together, to realize the power of science and technology of China dream contribute little of our power.