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High temperature muffle furnac

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Introduction:The high temperature muffle furnace generally refers to the high temperature above 1300 °C. Because the temperature is relatively high and the heating parts are mainly silicon molybdenum rods, the silicon molybdenum rod is a powder metallurgy product, which is characterized by easy reaction with other atmospheres in the furnace and damage heating. Due to its fragile characteristics, it must be carefully handled during transportation, installation and use, otherwise it is easy to damage and has a certain service life.

Our company has developed molybdenum and molybdenum alloy heating parts. Because it is a pure metal heating element, it has a wide range of use, is not easy to react with the produced products, and is easy to transport and install. At the same time, if the refractory material is selected, it can be above 1800 °C. Used, very popular with high temperature muffle furnace manufacturers. And the joint heating parts can be produced, which greatly reduces the wire connection outside the furnace, so that the temperature outside the furnace is well controlled.